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Philips Lumileds Luxeon series

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is the world's leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs and a pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes. Thier product line of LUXEON power LEDs ( 1W 3W 5W 10W 20W) is revolutionizing the lighting industry by enabling never before possible lighting solutions. All LUXEON LEDs share the same standards of longevity, durability, performance, reliability and quality of light. LUXEON Rebel is the smallest surface mountable power LED available today. With the industry's best lumens per package, highest light density (lumens per mm2), and the highest packing density, LUXEON Rebel is ideal for both space-constrained and conventional solid-state lighting applications.


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Cree LED's

Cree is a leader in the solid-state lighting industry in the brightness and efficiency of LEDs. Cree LEDs are achieving efficacy levels formerly delivered only by the most efficient traditional lighting sources, including fluorescent bulbs. For this reason CREE XLamp® XR-E LEDs leds are often used in LED flashlight bulbs and traditional Light Bulb replacements.

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As a global player in the semiconductor market, OSRAM has core competence in the development and manufacture of optical semiconductor components and in all aspects of the manufacture of LED systems - from individual LEDs to complete modules, including electrical, thermal and optical design.


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